Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Travel Essentials (Long Haul Edition - Flight Mode)

Hey guys, so this post was actually requested in the comments of my last post so I just thought I'd get it up and out ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion, by the way! So in this post I just want to list a few things a I deem as essential for a long-haul flight, let me know in the comments if you have any to add!

So when I go abroad I always struggle to pack my carry on bag, it's just something I tend to blank on. I was a little more prepared for my trip to Hong Kong, though. Since I was excited I watched loads of Youtube videos and read plenty of blog posts so I could see what other bloggers tend to take. I'm not including things like a passport, a phone or whatever else - my main focus is about keeping fresh and healthy looking over the course of a long haul journey.

First off I like to take a hat, whether my hair is long or short I always take one to cover up my hair after a flight because the journey could have been hours and sometimes it's just too uncomfortable for a topknot or clips. Basically, it's a way of being lazy with my hair but it really helps when the mirrors are all taken in the airport toilets - just pop on a beanie and voila! 

A Tangle Teezer is also a handy thing to take with you, it's small and discreet so you can just give your hair a quick brush before you even get off the plane. Tangle Teezers are much more delicate with hair and they reduce the breakage that can occur whilst brushing out hair, also, it doesn't hurt when brushing out knots! Good or good?

Moisturising is super important when on a plane, well, in general actually but the recycled air of a plane is known for drying out skin so if you're prone to that you really need to pack some. I like the Vitamin E Illuminating Moisturising Cream from The Body Shop, it's like a mask you you just put it on like a mask and let it sink in.

Now, if your skin is 'bleh' like mine you may want to pack some tinted moisturiser for after the plane. I usually apply this before collecting my baggage from the conveyor belt, it just makes me look healthier and slightly glowy. For thus reason I like to use the All-In-One BB Cream from The Body Shop as it adapts to your skin tone and just evens things out, that and it's quite brightening so it makes me look fresh and healthy.

The EOS Lemon Drop Balm is a new favourite of mine but I would recommend any lip balm for a long journey as it solves the same issue as the moisture mask but for lips, mine get super dry when I'm on a plane and the EOS balm is great for that. It also helps that it smells and tastes yummy... It's available in a range of flavours, I stocked up whilst I was in Hong Kong.

Mints or gum is a MUST for long-haul travel, after hours on the plane it's great to just have something to freshen up your mouth and make it feel less 'ick' so I like to take Extra White Gum as it's sugar free and it cleans teeth as well as freshening the breath. 

The last item in my essentials post is a perfume bottle, I would go for a sample as they are within the liquid restriction of 100ml per bottle or container. I love the Bvlgari Omnia perfume in Christaline, my gran actually introduced that one to me but I just love how it smells, check it out if you don't believe me when I say it smells gorgeous!

Well, thanks for reading this post, it's been a while since I've done a beauty related post so it's nice to get back into the swing of things. Thanks again for the suggestion, if you have any more suggestions I encourage and appreciate any in the comments!


  1. oh thank you so much for posting your travel essentials i love reading post like these :)

    1. Thanks for reading, yet again! I'm so pleased you requested it, I nearly didn't write one but then you mentioned it and it gave me a push in the right direction. :) x