Monday, 5 October 2015

Travel Log: Lantau Island, Gnong Ping 360 (Cable Cars Are Super Scary!)

Hey guys! So this is my final proper travel log from my trip to Hong Kong, my trip has come to an end and I'm currently suffering from jet-lag. My day in Gnong Ping was a bright one, I wore sunglasses most of the day because it was so intense. It was a beautiful place though, I visited the Giant Buddha, the Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas, the Motion 360 and the market leading towards the Giant Buddha. It's an experience you should definitely make sure to have if you go to Asia. 

My only issue with Lantau Island was the fact that I was convinced to go on the cable cars, I'm terrified of heights and I pulled a rather disturbed face the whole time, though, it was pretty interesting. The cable car ride was about twenty-five minutes long so a lot was to be seen!

Once in Gnong Ping there's a lot of suggested staged photograph backgrounds, the one to the right came out best out of the ones I tried. It features one of Hong Kong's famous pink dolphins that can only be found in two places of the world. Anyway, these backgrounds are dotted around the little village for the many tourists that pass through everyday. 

It's mainly geared towards tourists, I saw quite a few gift and souvenir shops that held both traditional and modern styled pieces so they were fairly interesting. They even sold lotus shoes, a brutal and poignant reminder of the trials and troubles that Asian women had to endure to find a husband, apparently the last woman to wear them said that it was impossible to find a husband without the binding. On a lighter note, I bought a little Buddha phone charm as a souvenir, it's a beautiful yet subtle way of reminding me of my travels.

The Motion 360 Lantau Island experience was amazing, it was a way of seeing things from different angles and getting little tid-bit of information. At the start of the experience I was told to buckle up my seat belt - I know, a seatbelt for a cinema???? - but I soon understood why.

It was like a journey over Lantau and the confused 'pilot' was the tour guide. It involved being sprayed, moving seats, air whooshing past my ears and something going on by my ankles. It was pretty fun! I wasn't going to go but it was included in the cable car package, I'm glad it was because I really enjoyed myself. I also saw a film about Siddhartha Buddha 'the enlightened one' which explained quite a bit about Buddhism and the reason behind the Giant Buddha.

Speaking of the Giant Buddha, I visited the Po Lin Monastery before continuing up the 268 steps up towards the Giant Buddha. I was in awe of the whole experience, the devotion the monks have to their spirituality and beliefs is just astounding. The sheer scale of the Tian Tan Buddha is further evidence of that, though, it's not THAT old though as it was completed in 1993 so it's only two years older than me.

The Buddha is actually hollow so there's a place to leave offerings and a giant bell with Buddhist markings covering it. Everything was built with attention to detail and I, personally, was very appreciative of the fact as the experience left me speechless at times. There's an artifact within that supposedly has the Buddhas remains within but you can only see them if you make an offering as they are in the room used to place the offerings.

On the way back to the cable cars I was shocked to spot a random cow casually eating grass by the walkway. I spotted quite a few people taking photos with it so I figured... Yeah, I took a picture with the cow.

Well, that's it for my Hong Kong travel logs. My next post will be a overview of my trip so hopefully that will be up fairly soon. I'm planning quite a few beauty posts over this month, including a collaboration with Nicola DaRita! Thank you for reading my latest post, I really appreciate it!


  1. wow you had such a fun trip :)
    please do a post on your travel essentials

    1. OMG! YES! I'll post it tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion! xx

  2. Did you get the glass bottomed cable car over? I did it and was so terrified the whole time, especially as I was by myself and some Russians thought it would be hilarious to rock it as went across! I loved Lantau, it's honestly one of the best places I've ever been, I'd definitely go back. I went in bad weather though so your day looks much more pleasant than mine!

    1. No! I was going to but then I realised how nervous I was, like, I really don't deal with heights very well at all. Lantau is pretty amazing though, I didn't know you'd been. Then again, you've been just about everywhere! :D x