Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Unboxing: October Look Fantastic Beauty Box

I'm trying a mix of beauty boxes this month, I might keep a subscription going with one of them but I have Glossybox to try first before I make any decisions! This box is the Look Fantastic Beauty Box, which to be honest, is better than the Birchbox.

First of all, the box is bigger. It fits more products and they are decent sized bottles so I'm quite happy with that. One thing I preferred about the Birchbox, however, was that it was colourful and filled with fun products. Look Fantastic is definitely more practical, there's pretty much a full skincare routine in there. I was pleased to see that I recognised most of the brands in the box, though, I did enjoy getting some of the slightly hidden gems in the other box. Sorry about the mini comparison, I just want to give you the full picture since I've tried both, poor Glossybox will be reviewed against two subscription boxes!

Really, this beauty box was about skincare rather than makeup so it wasn't particularly varied but for people like me who are always looking for new skincare that works, it's great. Well, I was quite happy with it, anyway.

  • Look Good Feel Good Eyeshadow Brush - The eyeshadow brush was a lovely surprise, I've been wanting a new one for some makeup looks I want to create soon. Looks Good Feels Good is raising money to help those suffering with cancer build their self-esteem and general quality of life so it's a good brush for a good cause.
  • Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand and Nail Cream - This one was a 15ml travel sized bottle so it's not massive but it feels great and it's another one of those things that could become a handbag essential. The texture of the cream is very thick and luxurious and it doesn't leave behind a greasy feeling afterwards so it's a great hand product for over the Autumn/Winter time.
  • Monu Firming Moisturiser - This was also a travel size product (25ml) so it's another handbag hero, really, since the colder months are in full swing now it's a good idea to keep moisturiser close. I hadn't actually heard of Monu before I received this box so I'm pleased I was introduced to the brand.
  • Elmis Hydra-Balance Day Cream - This little beauty came in the WAY too small bottle of 20ml, I say way too small because I adore this product. It's great for combination skin and cuts down on shine without drying the skin, it's perfect for my awkward skin. It also doesn't hurt that it smells gorgeous, I'm really pleased with this one. 
  • Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser - This one was 50ml so it was slightly more than the other travel size products, though, it may last a while as I'm giving my skin a bit of a breather right now. It did leave my skin clean and smooth when I used it though so it's one that I could see myself buying again.
  • Balance Me Radiance Face Mask - I've actually tried one of their cleansers but it dried out my skin so I was dubious about this product but I'm a sucker for a face mask so I tried it anyway. It was quite a good face mask, it wasn't the best one I've tried but it was okay. I'll keep using it until I've used up all 30ml and perhaps it will work better over time. Then again, the lavender in it might make my face break out into a rash or something so we'll see...
  • Percy & Reed No Oil Oil - I'm always on the lookout for a product to help my hair out, it's been through the mill over the years and it needs some TLC, this product smooths and protects but also add volume so it's great for my most recent haircut. Though, I have been told that it works well enough for long hair too so perhaps you should give it a try if your hair is a little... bleh!
Well, thanks for reading another unboxing post. I hope these are quite useful for those of you considering a beauty subscription box, let me know if you think any other boxes are better or if you want to ask any questions about the products - I'll try my best to answer! 


  1. The look fantastic boxes are usually great and this is no exception. I just wish they would add a little more makeup here and there as they always seem to be very skincare focussed.

    1. Agreed on that one, I do think that Glossybox is probably the better option for cosmetics and Birchbox is just a bit of a mix.

  2. umm how much does the subscription costs??