Tuesday, 17 November 2015

10 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Hello everyone, so at this point we're well into Autumn and as it's always been, this season is my favourite. I've seen quite a few posts like this one, posts about other bloggers and their appreciation for this time of the year so I thought I'd just add to the growing number. 

I particularly loved this one from Rhianna from the blog Rowebowecop. I thought she did a really nice summary of all things cool and great about Autumn. Well, before I get right into it I just want to apologise in advance for the amount of times that I'm going to say the word 'Autumn'. I also want to say, that before my friend annoys me on Facebook about it, just no! I mean, I love my friends but that just isn't what this post is about, missus.
  1. The first reason why I love Autumn is that I was born on the 11th of November so as a kid I always looked forward to this time of the year.
  2. As of Autumn it starts to get quite frosty and cold, I love hopping into bed when the sheets are freezing. Gradual heating! 
  3. Seasonal drinks tend to be released around this time of the year, both for Halloween and Christmas. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is always a favourite and out of the Christmas drinks I'm enjoying the Toffee Nut Latte (Starbucks).
  4. A lot of big music releases tend to be in Autumn, I know that doesn't really go with the theme but I like to walk a lot and there's nothing better than listening to a new album on a long walk.
  5. Halloween is always so much fun; getting dressed up, playing about with makeup, pumpkin carving, scary films and decorating everything in a spooky them - I love it all!
  6. Light shows and Christmas light switch on's tend to occur just before Winter makes an appearance, I love seeing all of the lights around Durham and Darlington.
  7. I love the colours associated with Autumn, berry and camel tones are the colours that I feel the most comfortable in. Tartan is also something that kind of takes over my wardrobe over these months, my staple items over this time of the year is a tartan scarf and a tan/camel coloured map bag.
  8. Thick jumpers and ankle boots are acceptable from this time onwards, I love being all cosy and snug in a big wooly jumper.
  9. Craft fairs are all over the place this time of the year, there's lots of creative things to do as people start to get prepared for Winter and Christmas. I can't knit so that part is pointless for me but pretty much anything else is great for me.
  10. I love candles all year round but in Autumn there tends to be an influx of musky new scents that come out and I love that sort of scent to spread around the house.
So there you have it, ten things to love about Autumn. Let me know in the comments below what you love about Autumn, I'd love to see what you guys appreciate this time of the year. I might even do a post about one of the thing mentioned exclusively. Thanks for reading, bye!


  1. Such an Autumn fan too!
    Jabeen x

  2. Seasonal drinks, craft fairs, candles, leaves on the ground and the gorgeous colours of nature are my reasons to love this season xx

  3. Such an autumn girl too, i'm the same berry colours and tartan scarves are my fave!

    Jen | Jennifer's Journal x

  4. Is that your backpack? Can I ask where you got it? I love it!

    1. I got it on a market in Hong Kong, there's a similar one with a bit of colour on it at this Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/160422564/genuine-leather-and-world-map-atlas I think it's a pretty good substitute!