Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Autumn So Far: Update And Favourites

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's enjoying the colder months, I have a love/hate relationship with Autumn (not you, missy, before you message me to ask why I've blogged about you! Every damn time). I actually prefer to be in a warmer climate but I do love Autumn/Winter fashion, the colours associated with the seasons and the musky berry scents that are always popular.  

I've had a few favourites so I might as well just share them in this post. The image to the left was taken last week when I tried my extensions on for the first time since my pixie cut. I've loved them for a while but I just want to share them again because they look fantastic and I'm going to be working with Dolled Up again - the link to my last post featuring them is just here. I'm not being paid for the name drop - I just love these extensions. They're so close to my natural colour and the texture of them is fantastic despite the fact that they're synthetic.

I've also been loving wooly beanie hats, I bought two from Cotton On in Hong Kong last month as they were quite cheap on sale. They can be bought in most clothing shops this time of the year so they tend to be my staple items when it gets frosty. I had a gorgeous sparkly white one last year but my sister stole it and then lost it at school, I still haven't forgiven her!

So far this Autumn I've actually been really into bath bombs, the Dragon's Egg one is gorgeous. It starts off quite a neutral colour but then it fizzes down to a brilliant orange, one good thing is that they haven't been staining my hair and skin as some of the more vibrant ones have been prone to. The red ones, the pink ones and the blue ones, when particularly bold in dry colour, can stain bleached hair so it's wise to keep hair out of the bath if it's bleached or lightened.

I actually think that baths in general are great for this time of the year, the weather is miserable so it's just nice to have a long hot soak. I've recently been using the shower on a morning rather rather than a bath at night, my shorter hair is easier to style straight out of the shower but I still do appreciate the odd soak in the bath with a bath bomb.

Warm and berry sort of scents are my go to for candles, I've always loved that sort of smell for some reason. Yankee always do great ones this time of the year, though, alternatively you could just get some from IKEA or Primark though because they do nice vanilla and berry scents too.

In contrast to the warm and cosy items I've mentioned so far, I've been quite into cool tones. This may be influence from Frozen but I think I've always been into icy and pastel shades, that's not to say that I don't still like darker shades and monochrome items - I just tend to gravitate towards blues and greens now.

My new phone is the Samsung S6 in 'Topaz Blue' which is apparently a limited edition shade. I'd take a photo of it to show you guys but I use my phone as a camera so it's impossible unless I take a cringey mirror selfie.

Since I'm onto technology now I might as well bridge into music, I've had a few favourites quite recently. I bought the new 5SOS album Sounds Good Feels Good on vinyl, they did quite a good job actually. My favourites from that are Castaway, San Francisco, Hey Everybody and She's Kinda Hot. Other than that album I've really been into James Bay, he's just really talented and his music all has a really raw and authentic sound to it. In case you don't know who he is, check out Hold Back The River on YouTube and you'll see what I mean!

Well, thanks for checking out my little favourites post. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I've been loving over Autumn so far, I've enjoyed writing it. Let me know what you're loving this month in the comments below!


  1. That bath bomb sounds incredible and so do the candles. I'm such a candle junkie so would love the ones you've mentioned! I bet your phone is lovely too - I'm due an upgrade soon and can't wait :) Love post xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Aw! Cheers, Samantha! I'm pleased you enjoyed it, I bet you would love the other candles - the only issue is that they don't last as long! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers, Meghan. I appreciate your support! :)