Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1: Sparkly Festive Nails

Hello everyone! As I've mentioned many times over the past month, I'm going to be doing Blogmas. The Blogmas project is basically just one post a day through the month of December, the posts will generally be festive or seasonal. I did the project last year so it's nice to do a take two and do it again now that my blog has progressed. To kick start the project this year I'll be showing you how to achieve these Winter nails. 

As a tiny bit of a warning, I'm going to be talking about a lot of alternatives. It is, however, a very easy look to achieve so don't worry about it. It's all about preference and this look would look fab in a pastel shade or a silver too if you want to personalise it a little bit.

I love doing nails so this look has been a fun one to create, I don't usually like gold nails for Christmas but this Lipsy polish looks fantastic. I got the set for my birthday so I can't say for sure where to get it from but you can alternatively use one from Barry M or Rimmel, both brands that I'm certain do glittery gold polishes. It took three coats to get this one right but it just depends on preference.

I got the nail stickers from Sasa in Hong Kong, though, similar ones can be found on Amazon or if you can't get them online - a steady hand and a white nail art pen can create a similar look! I wanted to have detail on all of my nails but you could always do feature nails and place a bow on your thumb and some snowflakes on your ring finger. Another option, if you want to jazz up the design a bit you could always add gem stones. I think that the look is mainly pulled together through the colour scheme anyway.

For this look I took inspiration from Asian style but I also took inspiration from dolls, it's a very cutesy style and I quite like it. I love how the white looks against the gold, it's a very subtle seasonal colour scheme and it makes me feel fairly glamorous despite the fact that I'm wearing my elephant trousers and a wooly jumper.

As shown in the image to the left, the nail stickers are made of rubber and the ones that I used are quite sticky. I don't plan on keeping these nails for longer than two days anyway but a clear coat would prolong the design if that's your desired effect. Sally Hansen is a good brand for base coats and cop coats, I use the growth products as I'm known to trim mine too short. It's also a good solution to weak or brittle nails so you don't have to miss out on fun nail designs.

Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed my first post of Blogmas. Wish me luck for this month, the one post a day thing is going to be difficult in between work and other things. Let me know what you think in the comments below, I love to hear your opinions, advice and suggestions. 


  1. Happy Blogmas!!
    Those are super cute!! They will go really nice with a LBD!
    This is my first year doing Blogmas, can't wait to see what everyone has in store!

    1. They certainly will go nice with an LBD!

      Good luck with the project, I notice that you have followed me on Bloglovin. I'll return the favour when I get a chance! Xx