Sunday, 15 November 2015

Coffee With Friends And Anti-Social Tendencies

Hello everyone! This weekend, I set aside some time to catch-up with Becky and Michael and since I'm a total sucker for over-priced coffee I chose Starbucks as the setting. Though, they do have a few two for one and happy hour deals so it's not all bad! I'm loving their seasonal options, the toffee nut latte is a total dream. I'm not even going to get into all of that red-cup drama because I have a clear opinion on it and it's pointless dragging it all up again.

Becky and Michael haven't really seen much of me over the past few months, Becky is on the NCTJ course and Michael is doing god knows what. It was pretty great to see them again though, we had a laugh. I brought my little sister along and she really clung onto Micheal so it went better than expected!

She took this picture of us sat at the table and it kind of made me realise just how focused on tech we all are, I was checking my blog stats and everyone else was playing on their phones. Really I should cut down on usage over the weekend as my life revolves around it during the week but it does get pretty addictive. I think I might put some restrictions up on my phone to limit the time I use it for, I heard of an app that can do that so I'll look into it...

Anyway, we're not actually THAT anti-social though, I promise. We actually had a really nice catch-up, we should make time for each other more often as we always have a laugh when we do. Becky and I are already making plans for Comic-Con and/or Vidfest, we did Comic-Con last year when I had canary yellow hair - good times!

Speaking of Comic-Con and Vidfest, my brother got me this jumper from Amazon for my birthday. It's super comfortable and the sleeves are the perfect length, I'm quite pleased with it actually. He's getting pretty good at buying gifts now, though, I did pay the postage and packaging on it. I love wearing comfy jumpers this time of the year, my fashion sense is fairly laid back so it's just the easiest thing in the world to just slip on some jeans and a jumper. Also, if you're wondering about the phone case - it came in this month's Birchbox which I wrote an unboxing post for here.

Thanks for reading my most recent post, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm trying to be more active and a better blogger so let me know if you have any tips or suggestions. My next post will be part of my 'Growing Out A Pixie Cut' series which admittedly I have neglected a little bit but hopefully it will be a good one!

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