Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Estée Lalonde Nail Kit: Nails And Shade Details

Hello everyone! So last week I was one of the runners up of the Estée Lalonde competition with The Body Shop, sadly I didn't get the chance to meet Estée but I did win a nail kit. The kit included a dotting tool, a berry coloured polish, a periwinkle coloured polish and neutral taupe grey coloured polish. They're all fantastic shades for Autumn and Winter so I wasn't exactly sad that I didn't win the main prize, I'm a sucker for a good nail kit. 

The box itself came with a little idea card for two different manicures, which, whilst I'm quite creative I did appreciate the inspiration. I'd never tried nail polish from The Body Shop before I received this kit so it was nice to try something new. As for quality, I liked the consistency of the polish, it wasn't gloopy or too difficult to apply and the brush was a standard size.

I didn't give myself the neatest manicure but I just wanted to add an image to demonstrate how even the product is. It took two coats to get the overall even coverage and I'm going to need a lot more practice with the dotting tool, other than that I'm really happy with polish from The Body Shop.

I'll probably try the polish on Leanne for a neater finish at some point before Christmas but that won't be for a teeny little while. I'm excited to try some intricate designs later in the year, I'm much better at doing other peoples nails than I am at doing my own. 

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. I hope you've enjoyed reading it, to summarise, The Body Shop is actually pretty good for nail polish so it might be worth checking out if you haven't tried it already. Until next time, bye!

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