Monday, 9 November 2015

Growing Out A Pixie Cut: The Awkward Stages And Problems

So you've loved your pixie cut over the summer, it was warm and long hair is a pain when it's hot. Now it's mid Autumn, nearly Winter and you've decided to grow it out in favour of mermaid locks or something of that kind, I get it, I'm at that awkward stage now and I feel your pain!

In the second post of the 'Growing Out A Pixie Cut' series I want to go through some of the issues that come with short hair and growing it out. I'm on the fence with my decision to grow it out because I kind of just want to cut the rest of the dye out, luckily my hairdresser cut my hair to blend in the dye. 

Anyway, if your hair is anything like mine, it gets wavy after a certain point. Mine particularly likes to curl up at the base and above my ears. Now, that can be remedied with straighteners and blow drying but my hair is also bleach damaged so I'm avoiding heat to nurture my locks back into good health.

Hats are a no go, like, they may look cute with long hair but I always remind myself of the bullies from Jack Frost when I wear a beanie. Of course, this hasn't stopped me from wearing them out of laziness but if you really don't want to look like a boy you should probably avoid them.

Headbands and clips can hurt after wearing them for most of the day, it's just like with long hair and wearing it too tight. It just starts to hurt so headbands and accessories, whilst cute and helpful, cause pain and discomfort if used as a long-term solution.

It's difficult to blend in hair extensions as the rest of the hair is so short. Whilst the extensions I used in the image to the right were my natural colour, I have a band of bleached colour in my hair so it's particularly difficult for me to blend them in. I end up clipping the fringe bit up and away from my face and then using a beanie to cover the band of bleached hair.

The main issue with using hair extensions to cover a pixie cut is the fact that by giving the illusion of having longer hair, I then really want naturally long hair so it just makes the awkward stage more difficult.

The fringe grows a little quicker than the rest of the hair and it was already left a little longer to make the style more feminine. This adds to the awkward stage because with wavy hair it just curls up and becomes a nuisance. 

Of course, there are more issues with growing out a pixie cut. These ones just particularly irk me, I have no patience when it comes to my hair so it just makes me want to chop it all off again. Thanks for reading my short hair rant, let me know if there's anything you think I've missed or if you have some suggestions for the series. 

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