Monday, 9 November 2015

Growing Out A Pixie Cut: Introduction To Series And Quiffed Style

So, as some of you may know, I finally made the big chop and got a pixie cut whilst I was in Hong Kong. It was early September when I first got it done and I'm not sure whether or not I want to grow it out just yet so my hair is kind of stuck in limbo. The image to the left was taken a few weeks ago but it was just as my hair started to get to that awkward length. 

Since I have been looking for posts, videos and tutorials on styling overgrown pixie cuts I figured I would just share my tips and thoughts. I'm going to work this up as a series of posts as it's something that I've personally struggled with over the past few weeks. Cutting hair super short takes a lot of maintenance, fortnightly cuts are needed to keep the shape of it and growing it out is a nightmare. I love the style but it's a whole lot of work!

As a sort of warning, my hair is naturally quite thick and it has a strange wavy texture to it so what I do may not work for you but it's how I've been dealing with it. Before I even got it cut I saw multiple posts about why people with textured hair should avoid short hair but equally I saw positive posts about cutting it too. My main pull towards the cut was the heat at the the time as I was in Hong Kong but I had been thinking about the crop anyway because I'm trying to grow out the bleach.

The picture to the right was from my Halloween makeup post but I want to explain the hairstyle so excuse the face! Since I was doing makeup I wanted my hair off my face, I love quiffs on longer hair so I figured I might as well try one with short hair. To be honest, it doesn't look all that different from when I used to do it with long hair, though, of course I used to tie it up.
  1. I started off by prepping my hair with a texturising spray, I love the Fudge Urban one as it smells gorgeous AND gets the job done.
  2. Next I gathered up my fringe and twisted the end of the gathered hair as I pushed it back. I would advise pushing it forward to add height to the quiff, too. I don't backcomb my hair as I'm trying to keep it in the best condition I possibly can whilst it's growing out but you can backcomb it if you have thin hair.
  3. After that it needs to be pinned, I used two bobby pins and then gave the quiff a quick spritz with some hairspray, I also neatened the sides with some of the hairspray.
So that look was fairly easy but it's the first of my new hair series so just bare with me on this one, the next post will either be up later today or tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading, I hope that this post helped a tiny bit!

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