Friday, 13 November 2015

Help: Clear Skin

Hello everyone! So for the fast few weeks I've been drinking the Help: Clear Skin soluble drinking supplement and I just want to shed some light on my opinion of it. The product was sent by a PR for the company but the review is not a paid one. I just want to get that straight before I jump right into it. 

To be as honest as I possibly can be, another thing I want to mention is the state of my skin. It's a mess, to put it lightly. I've neglected any healthy lifestyle choices recently in favour of getting extra sleep, lazing around and burying my head in the sand because my skin is so bad. Seriously, it's super sensitive, my pores clog easily and I get tonnes of blemishes. This is probably why I was so enthusiastic when the PR mentioned me sampling the product in return for a review. 

As a rule, this product should only be consumed once a day. I got a twenty-eight day pack so has been enough time for it to get into my system. I mainly take it on a morning before everyone else gets into work, though, I've also been known to take it at night when I've forgotten. I just mix it with water but it can be added to any drink or soft food, just don't add cordial or diluted drinks as it gets all gross and it get floaters - EW!

When it's first mixed into the water it seems kind of cloudy, it takes a minute or so to settle down but I like to keep stirring to make sure it's all dissolved. It's difficult to describe the taste that it has, it's not a strong one but it's noticeable when it's just in water. It is, however, more pleasant than a lot of skin supplements or soluble products so it might be worth a try. 

I was skeptical because I've tried a few and, whilst this is by no means a miracle product, I have noticed a difference. It's been gradual and it's probably not noticeable to a lot of people but because it's my skin and I've been keeping an eye on the results I've noticed it quite a bit. I'll be trying the Help: Beautify Skin supplements so I'll compare the results once the other trial is done. The other product is more for brightening skin and a way to maintain or improve skin's elasticity so we'll see how the second product goes!

Well, thanks for reading. If you have any questions about the product, just comment and I'll try my best to answer them. 

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