Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Skin Woes And Beauty Buys

Hey everyone, so today I just want to go through my recent purchases and talk about my skin problems, hopefully this will be helpful for some of you guys too. My skin is generally oily to combination when categorised, I don't really have issues with dryness but I do struggle with blemishes and my pores. I would say I have problem skin... 

It's not so great in the summer when makeup pretty much melts off my face but it's just really inconvenient during the winter when it rains and it's impossible to keep makeup on full stop. My skin goes through a lot over the colder months and I'm out early on a morning so I don't get much time for my skincare regime. I did trial Help: Clear Skin and it worked in certain ways but not even that can help at the moment. 

I tend to wear the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation as it has brightening qualities but over the weekend I got fed-up and I bought a few new products to try out. 

I've wanted to try out The L'OREAL Paris 'The Minerals' True Match for a while, Helen Anders talks about it a lot and I thought it sounded perfect for me. It turns out that it's not great for this time of the year, I might try it again when things start to warm up again but the wind and the rain just mucked up the overall look of it quite quickly. 

The Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Gel Foundation, however, seems to work much better and the lightest shade they do is a perfect match for me. I wouldn't recommend the product to someone with dry skin but it's evened mine out fairly well. 

The third and final product that I decided to try out was the Maybelline Super Stay Concealer, I actually wanted to get my usual Collection 2000 one but my shade was out and one of the staff member from Boots helped me choose a new one to try. It's a great shade for me but I just feel like it's a little too runny/liquid for me, the Collection 2000 one I like is a little more creamy than runny so it's really easy to blend. 

Heads up! Boots have a three for two deal on any beauty product so it's worth stocking up on things whilst the deal is on.

Well, thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions, suggestions or advice I would love it if you could let me know in the comments. I'd be super happy to hear your opinions on the products or any little tips you are willing to share. 

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