Thursday, 5 November 2015

Unboxing: November Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Hello everyone! First of all I just want to say thank you for all the views I received on my last post, I really appreciate it! It was an Autumn favourites post that I really enjoyed writing as it was so varied so I'm pleased people liked it. Sorry for rambling, I'd just rather thank you guys and then move onto the bulk of this post.

Anyway, if you have been reading my blog you may have noticed that last month I started trying out prescription boxes. I've been getting beauty boxes from Look Fantastic, Birchbox and Glossybox to try and the first one to arrive this month is the Look Fantastic one. I was really pleased with this one last month, I posted the unboxing here. It's a little more varied this month, last month it was a bit of a skin saviour but there's a bit of beauty and some gorgeous shower gel.

This box, and the last one I posted about, is actually part of a limited edition beauty box collection which I'm told is different to the usual design of a plain black box. The design of the box IS beautiful, because of this I think that it would make a fantastic Christmas present for a friend. The limited edition boxes are available right through to December so if you have a friend or a family member that's very into skincare and beauty this is a fab gift idea. 

  • Bella Pierre Lipstick in Ruby - Everyone knows that a classic red lip is a great Autumn look and that's what makes this the perfect addition to the box. Not many shades of red suit me right now as I'm trying to grow out some pesky bleach from my hair but I do love this shade, it's one I'll actually dare to wear this season. I love that Look Fantastic has used the lippy to run a competition to win lots of goodies, simply kiss the framed paper provided, post and oila! 
  • Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate Lip Balm - I've actually used Dr Paw Paw products before, my favourite being the original balm which can be used for lips, skin or hair. I do like this tinted product too but I prefer the original, it's just more useful to keep on hand than the one I just received from this box.
  • REN V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream - I am a big fan of Day Creams and an even bigger fan of REN, I'm surprised that I hadn't tried this product before now. It's a great preventative product to keep signs of aging at bay, now, at almost twenty years old it isn't exactly necessary right now but it can't hurt to start early. I love how soft and fresh this day cream leaves my face feeling, this may be one that I'll have to re-buy. 
  • Ole Henrikson Empower Foaming Milk Foam - Last month there was an exfoliating cleanser from Murad which was great for my skin, I'm not actually a big fan of foaming cleansers but this could be a good one for when I alternate my cleanser. I like to cleanse my face differently on the morning to how I do on a night so I'm going to give this another go tonight as I tried it last night and I wasn't overly impressed. Summary: good but not something I'd write home about.
  • Korres Guava Shower Gel - Shower gel is always a welcomed item in beauty boxes, I love to switch up my scent and try out new ones. I actually really like the smell of this one, it's not too sweet and it doesn't smell manly either. Also, it left my skin feeling really clean and soft so I'm pleased this product was part of the beauty box.
  • Kebelo Enriching Mask - This hair mask is pretty damn great, I am currently trying to grow out my pixie cut so the condition of my hair is super important to me right now. My hair is generally quite dry so the argan and grape oil is a perfect fit for the natural texture of my cropped hair.
I adored this month's box, I hope you've enjoyed reading about it and I hope I've in some way helped you to choose a beauty box for this month. Thanks again for reading, let me know what you think if you've checked out this box too.

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