Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Unboxing: November Glossybox

Hello everyone! If you read my last Glossybox review you'll know that I was kind of on the fence about this subscription, I preferred the contents of the Birchbox and the Look Fantastic Beauty Box. Thus, this month I didn't have particularly high expectations. Since opening this months box, I've drastically changed my mind. This month's box is much more suited to me, I love every single damn item in the box.

I'm pleased I kept the subscription for November because I was considering cutting this box out of my monthly budget. I do need to cut at least one of the three subscriptions but, for the moment, Glossybox is staying right where it is. Birchbox better be pretty amazing this month because I quite like the Look Fantastic Beauty Box this month too. 

  • Travel size Royal Apothic Cream Crème - I love keeping little bottles of lotion in my bag, it's just a bit of a fail safe for if I think my skin feels dry or not quite hydrated enough. This particular one exfoliates as well as it moisturises so it's a fab product to take on holiday or use as a little pick me up.
  • Travel size Emite Diamond Heart Primer - This little gem is one that I will be, without a doubt, repurchasing. It elongates the amount of time that makeup lasts on the skin and it creates a dewy yet not greasy look that I adore. 
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - I got an email asking me to choose a shade so I'm not shocked about this product's placement, I chose Pink In The Afternoon which is a gorgeous peachy pink shade. It's long lasting and it moisturises my lips so they don't feel dry or sticky so I'm fairly happy about this product.
  • MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette - I love a bit of MUA, it's affordable and the brand doesn't compromise on quality so it's fab as a budget brand. The palette is a very versatile nude sort of collection, I like to use the lighter shades for highlighting and sometimes matiffying some areas. 
  • Eylure Natural Lashes - I don't wear false lashes on a day to day basis but when I do wear them, I like them to look full but not like stage makeup. This set is great for a natural and subtle yet fuller look, you can get a good two or three uses out of them too so it's a good product to have spare.
Thanks for reading, I do appreciate it! I've loved typing this one up today, I'm feeling really enthusiastic about these products so far. The next post will be a makeup look using two of the products from this box and my usual pieces. 


  1. I loved Glossybox, then I hated it. Then I wanted it, but still hated it, now I keep looking and wavering about wanting a box each month. I know that whatever one I went for would go drastically downhill the month I ordered it.

    1. Yeah, I'm getting mixed messages on Glossybox! Last month I wasn't keen but this month's box has been fab for me. It's a bit of a zig-zag in opinion, I just can't decide which subscription to cancel...

      Thanks for the comment btw!