Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2: Look Fantastic Beauty Box (Christmas Edition)

Hello everyone! So it's Blogmas Day 2 and since I received the Christmas Edition Look Fantastic Beauty Box I figured I might as well add it in! This month's box is a fab one, it's actually perfect for the party season. I'll be out over Christmas (I know, shocker!) so I'll need to stock up on a few things that will last me through Christmas and New Year, this box include a few things on my list so it's all good! 

Before I go straight in with the conents I just want to say that this will be the last month that I'll be unboxing on my blog, I'm going to cancel all three boxes I'm subscribed to at the moment. Not because I don't like them, just because I want to be a bit more careful with my money after Christmas so I'm cutting certain expenditures out. I'll be sad to see them go but it will work out n the long run and I'll start getting one of them again sometime next year.

  • The Wet Brush Squirts: This item is amazing, I've been using it after the shower and it doesn't get caught in my fringe or tangle whilst I'm brushing my hair. I've been wanting to try one for ages as they're supposed to be good for detangling hair and minimising damage done to hair. It's also great for brushing out hairspray so keep it on hand after a night out!
  • The Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser: It's a light balm cleanser that moisturises rather than having that drying out effect that a lot of cleansers have. It has all sorts of oils and it's a great cleanser, the only issue is that it's not great for quick application.
  • The Codage No3 Radiance & Energy Serum: This product is a very smooth and easy to apply serum that can be used before makeup or on a night before bed, I love how quickly it sinks in and how soft it makes my skin.
  • The Molton Brown Japanese Body Wash: This body wash smells absolutely gorgeous and is apparently used in spas all over the country, that's definitely good enough for me. It's a product I will most likely repurchase, it is AMAZING!
  • Eylure Dramatic Lashes: I've received many pairs of Eylure lashes in boxes like this one, usually however, they come a little more natural. I do like these ones though because they're glam and perfect for Christmas and New Years Eve parties. 
  • The Lord & Berry Palette Glitter Eye Pencil: I'm a big fan of eyeliner and glitter so when a product can combine the two, I'm sold. I haven't created any major looks with the glittery black eyeliner pencil yet but I have tested the application and the consistency and I'm fairly impressed. 
There you have it, Blogmas day 2 has been completed without a hitch. I hope you're enjoying the project so far. If anyone else is doing Blogmas I'd love to see your links in the comments below, or if you're not a blogger I'd love to see what you think of this beauty box - cheers for reading!


  1. We have beauty boxes in Canada but I don't think we have the Look Fantastic box. I would never pay for lashes myself but if they came in a beauty box I would definitely love to try them!
    Have a good day!

    1. Really? That's a shame!

      I never used to go out of my way with lashes because I thought that my own were long enough but I've recently gotten really into them for some reason. xx