Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas Day 20: A Night In With Lush And AA Skincare

Hello everyone! This weekend has been a fairly chilled one, I've had a few late mornings and I've slobbed around in my comfy clothes. Since I've done pretty much nothing and my work night out is tomorrow, I figured I might as well blog about my pamper evening beforehand. 

Earlier this week I received a few AA Skincare goodies and I had a few Lush products to use up so I put them all together to help me relax and hopefully brighten me up a bit. I've been ill over the past few weeks so it's nice to just take a step back and take a few minutes up for myself. 

I think I may have gone a little overboard with the two Lush products but oh well, the bath smelled gorgeous. Though, it did look a little like diluted orange juice.

The Magic Of Christmas Wand is a reusable bubble bar, a little goes a long way and it doesn't actually deplete too quickly. It just basically smells like Christmas, the star anise and the cinnamon stick just add to the aesthetics. 

I will say though, it makes quite a mess. I didn't know what to do with it after using it, it's just sat on the side of the bath possibly staining the white of it. I guess I'll check it out once it's dry but right now I'm not particularly concerned about that so whatever!

After using the bubble bar I added the Cinders bath bomb, it was definitely overkill but hey, my bathroom has never smelled so festive. I loved the spicy sort of woodsy scent that was balanced out with a slight sweetness.

Unlike many of the bath bombs on offer at Lush, Cinders doesn't really have any extra surprises like colour changes or multiple fizz sections. It is, however, great if you want a bath bomb that does its job and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

Tonight I also wanted to try out the AA Skincare that I was sent so I added a few extra steps to my usual routine. The assignment was originally from Bloggers Required but I also received a press release.

I was sent the Frankinsense and Rose Cleansing Gel and Mud Mask which I liked the idea of anyway. My skin has been super blemished recently so I jumped at the chance to check this stuff out.

I started out with the cleansing gel, washed that off and then applied the mud mask. It's left my skin feeling softer and I do think that a few acne scars have faded out a little but I'm more partial towards peel off masks. 

It made me feel much more chilled out anyway, I don't get the chance to have a proper pamper session so I appreciated the extra time this weekend. Well, thanks for reading today's Blogmas post. Until next time, bye!


  1. We all need weekends like this. I am planning this sort of thing for the night before Xmas Eve although I do need to pick up the bubble bar wand because it just looks amazing! x

    1. It really is, you should get one before they sell out! The Snow Fairy sort of one is nice too. xx

  2. Wow! All sounds wonderful. Sounds like the kind of stuff I could do with right now. Blissful. My daughter has the Snow fairy stuff from Lush, it smells fabulous.

    1. You should stock up and reserve a night for yourself for sometime over Christmas, it's your Christmas too! :) x