Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic Christmas Eve, sorry that this is a little later on but I've been all over the place getting things sorted for tomorrow and visiting people. Anyway, today's Blogmas post is going to be fairly brief since it's Christmas Eve but I just wanted to make sure that my blog wouldn't suffer because I had a busy day. 

So I figured I should share a few snaps of the mini Christmas village that my Grandad has set up in his new flat. He used to set one up every year but when he fell ill he wasn't able to so this is the first time it's been set up for ages. 

Most of the details were on shelves and he used cotton wool fluff as snow as well as white tinsel to frame the scenes. The houses, people and little trees were picked up over the years from the most random shops. It was very gradual, though. 

I'll be back with another post tomorrow, though, it won't be quite as short. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all of you. Thanks for reading, until next time... Bye! 

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