Monday, 28 December 2015

Blogmas Day 28: Building A Gingerbread House

Hello everyone, so today's post is about the Gingerbread House Making Kit that I got as a present for Christmas. Obviously, I didn't buy it so I don't know where it was from but I had a lot of fun putting it all together and decorating it.

The gingerbread pieces came pre-baked and shaped so it was fairly precise. I just had to piece it together with the piped royal icing that was also part of the kit. I left the house for fifteen minutes after sticking it together so that it could set and have a chance to sit before I started the decorating. 

I decorated the housing using the piped royal icing as a glue/pen to add details as well as the sweets that were also included in the kit. The larger round sweets made paving stones, the drops were used as extra details an the hears were used as feature windows. 

I'm not going to lie, setting this up was a stressful endeavour and my arms did hurt after all of the piping but it kept me busy and I enjoyed setting it up and building it. You never know, I might attempt it as a fully homemade project next year. That might be a disaster though because there's a reason I don't bake that often.

Well, thanks for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed checking out my attempt at building a gingerbread house. It wasn't the neatest of gingerbread houses but it took me at least an hour to sort out properly so I think it's earned its place on my blog today so until tomorrow, bye!


  1. I had no idea these kits even existed, Aymie. What a genius idea!


    1. They're all over the place, if you hurry up you may be able to pick one up in the sales! X

  2. Aww this gingerbread house looks so cute, we have always made ours xx

    Merry Christmas

    1. I'll need to try that next year! Though, baking isn't my strong point. Xx