Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blogmas Day 31: Top 10 Moments Of 2015 And New Years Resolutions

The last day of Blogmas is finally here and I've made it out alive, it's difficult to put up one post per day and whilst I've managed... Well, lets just say it's been difficult. I'm kind of pleased it's over for at least another eleven months, providing that I decide to do it anyway.

This post is a way to reflect on the general awesomeness that has been 2015 and a few resolutions for 2016. This year has just been so amazing, I mean, there's obviously been a few blips but all in all it's been... Wow. I can only hope that next year will be just as, if not better than this one.

I'm just going to list my top ten moments of 2015, though, they won't be in order because I can't decided which has been the best!
  1. I started a new job, my first job actually, in social media. It's a step in the right direction and I've actually enjoyed the whole office working thing for the most part. Hopefully one day I'll manage to progress and be in a higher role but for now I'm just happy earning whilst I learn.
  2. I've visited AJ a few times in London, one of which times we stalked the Sherlock set for a little while and, yes, Cumberbatch is prettier in real life. I always enjoy our little catch-ups and I think we're well overdue!
  3. I got to see McBusted for the second time with my brother, we're planning on seeing Busted perform on their reunion tour next year with my friend Leanne. It's always nice to go to a concert with two people who love the band.
  4. Staying on the subject of concerts and music, I also went to see S Club 7 earlier in the year on their reunion tour. It was great to dance to and Leanne and I had a brilliant night because we danced like idiots and we didn't care that we wore ourselves out.
  5. The Bridlington Vintage Fair was amazing, I got to check out all of the fifties dresses and I saw a few vinyls I wanted too. It was an interesting experience to say the least, most of the people at the stalls went all out and dressed as if they were from the fifties, though, obviously their outfits had modern twists to them.
  6. My family and I went to Majorca for two weeks and it was beautiful, the year before we went to Tenerife twice so it was nice to see another place with them. It was a very uncomfortable heat but it was still a pretty damn good holiday.
  7. After about fifteen years I finally got the chance to visit Hong Kong as my gran has live there for the whole time but I've never had the chance before. I also had a day trip to China so I got to see a little bit of that too. I was just pleased that I finally got to tan to be honest, though, it was was nice to spend a full month with my gran. Also, shoutout to Nashia who got lost with me near the ladies market in Mong Kok! 
  8. I baked with my nerds, too. Not in a tanning sense, in a literal sense but I mainly hovered in the background and ate everything. Thanks for everything this year, Becky and Autumn!
  9. Well, I can't go through all of these moments without mentioning Mike. Poor Mike has to deal with stupid calls whenever I miss a bus or whenever I get bored so here's to those pointless conversations we have about pimps and politics, a winning combination.
  10. I got to work with Nouveau Lashes for their #UltimateLashGoals campaign, I got free individual lash extensions in a nearby salon. I love working with beauty brands to create content for you guys.
I'm going to list my three new years resolutions next because I have a few hopes for the next year that I want to share.
  1. My main resolution is to get better at blog photography, I might get my brother Sam to help me out with a few because he's nice like that. Also, Jessica isn't really tall enough for the outfit photos.
  2. I would like to travel more but I would like to be more spontaneous about it, so I'd like to just think "oh! I fancy popping over to Paris for a few days" and then do it. I need to do things like that for myself anyway to just avoid burnout.
  3. I want to get fit and healthy, as cliché as that goal is... It's been something I've been procrastinating for absolute ages. I need to start going to the gym, I have a free membership because of my dad's caravan ownership thing anyway.
Well, happy new year everyone! Have a good one, I know I will. Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are because I'd love to know!


  1. Definitely well over due! We'll sort that out. Happy new year!!!

    1. Happy new year, missus! Have a good one! :) x

  2. Happy new year! What a fabulous list of things you've done in 2015! So interesting to read your goals too!

    Victoria xx

    1. Cheers, Vicky! Happy new year! I'm pleased you enjoyed my post! Xx

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