Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas Day 6: The Christmas Decorations Are Up!

Hello everyone! I'm still absolutely loaded with flu so today's post is out late yet again, sorry about that! Hopefully I'll get better soon so my blogging game will pick back up. I've used enough bath bombs and bubble bars to last me a lifetime so... Yeah, I'll just get on with the post.

For my 6th day of Blogmas I've decided to just show you guys how the Barton's have decorated the house in preparation for Christmas. All of the decorations are from ASDA, years past and present so the simple look is easy to recreate. It's the first year I've ever not had tinsel on the tree so I'm kind of unsure about it but it's worth switching things up a bit. Even if things are super colour coordinated downstairs in our house. The general colour scheme is red, black, silver and grey so it's all matchy matchy. Of course, if it was just my influence I would like have it all brightly coloured and a bit Disney but my mum is a bit more uniform than I am! 

Saying that, she has draped everything in tinsel or fairly lights so her style can't be all that uniform! The table cloth is one that we've used for years and years and years, it's definitely older than my sister. Luckily it ties in with the scheme or it would have been out of action years ago! It's covered in little Santa Claus characters so that's fairly cute. 

The hanging lights give off a really cool effect because in the dark they look like the night sky in an artificial way. We don't really go through to the conservatory at this time of the year so the lights don't get in the way. They sort of remind me of the decorations from generic American movies with a prom scene, maybe that's just me but that's what they remind me of.

The photo we have up on the wall stays up all year round but it does fit in with the Christmas scheme quite well. The lights we've used match the ones we have to drape over the New York picture we have in our front room. I think the canvas looks Christmassy without the lights but they're a nice touch. I like the way it's all sort of framed around the canvas and the television. Points to anyone who can guess what was playing on there! 

It's getting festive fairly early in our household this year, usually we hold off until at least halfway through the month. I'm surprised they went up as early as they have, it's nice to see them all set up though so I'm pleased with it. I've been trying to get the decorations up before the 14th for years, it's only just starting to be swayed in my favour!

We use all sorts of subtle details to make the house festive, the holly berries and lights around this picture frame just sit atop and get switched on via the batteries and wires running through the feature. We'll probably add more little Christmassy features over the next few weeks, at least we've made a start. I'm really getting into the festive spirit!

Do you guys have your decorations up yet or do you have different traditions or guidelines? Let me know in the comments and if you're a blogger too, add links to your decorative posts. Thanks for reading, wish me luck for the next weeks worth of Blogmas posts!


  1. I always stay up until midnight on 1st December to put my decorations up in my flat as I never have masses. There's tinsel draped around and I have a pink and black tree with loads of gingerbread characters x

    1. That sounds super cool! I prefer cute detail s like that to be honest. Thanks for reading! x

  2. Your tree looks great. We have some of the same decorations including the 'merry christmas' sign. We normally do ours on 30/11 each year but we were late and did it on the 2nd this year.

    1. Thanks, Leesha! I'm sure yours looks fab too.