Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Shopping With My Brother

Hello everyone! As of today I've been posting for Blogmas 2015 for a full week, it's been tough but I've had one post out every single day. My weekend content came out a little later than I would have like but so far I haven't been defeated by this project and I don't plan on letting it in the future!

Over the weekend I was dragged out of the house for Christmas shopping, it was a nice day out but my brother ended up buying more things for himself than he did for other people. Surprising. Not. Though, he did allow me to take a selfie with him, even if he did pretend he didn't want his face on Instagram. It's not very often we get to go shopping together so it was a nice thing to do overall, or at least it would have been if I wasn't super ill but oh well. 

I was kept happy with the fact we were going to Starbucks, I'd been wanting to try the Gingerbread Latté anyway. I do love the Starbucks festive range, my brother had their Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate and that was yummy too. I mean, they're no Pumpkin Spice Lattés but we enjoyed both drinks. I also tried the Cranberry and Orange Cookie which I found really tasty... A little sickly when paired with the latté but nice when eaten with a more plain beverage!

I paid but it was my turn, we usually take it in turns to pay for Starbucks. Well, we have done since we started our Christmas shopping tradition anyway. We do the same thing every year but this year I went online for most of it so we just picked up a few extra bits and bobs to add to peoples presents. 

Darlington is surprisingly good for Christmas shopping, they have pop up Christmas shops and quite a range of highstreet stores to choose from. That list includes Primark, Superdrug, Scotts, HMV and quite a few more. I also like how they put in a lot of effort when it comes to decorations and festive spirit, they had a brass band playing in the middle of one of the shopping centers. They put as much effort into their decorations as some of the larger shopping centers so that's something to admire, the ones they use remind me of the ones used at the Metro Center. 

Sam had to go to work at McDonalds so we had to cut our trip short but we had finished our shopping anyway. I think I was just pleased to be going home so I could relax after all of the walking we did.

I finished off the day with some wrapping and then a well deserved bubble bar. I used the Holly Golightly one from Lush which turned the bath all green and sparkly, I was told by my sister that it made me smell like Christmas so that has to be a good thing. It just looked so festive and pretty I almost didn't want to use it, it kind of seemed like a shame to crumble and use it. It was really pleasant though, as far as baths go. I'm not usually one for bubble bars, I prefer bath bombs but Lush have some fab ones this year. You can check out my Lush HAUL here.

Well, that was the main thing I did over the weekend. What did you guys get up to? Let me know in the comments below. As always, leave your links and I'll try my best to look at them ASAP! 


  1. What a good looking brother!

    1. Cheers Gran, you're forgetting that I can see who's posting! ;)