Friday, 15 January 2016

Getting Fit (AKA, The One Where I Get A Personality Transplant)

Hello everyone! As promised, today's post is all about my little fitness kick that I'm working through right now. I'm blaming Leanne because she went skating with me but really I should be thanking her! I've since joined the gym and I've pushed myself to go all week and uh... I'm starting to enjoy it.

When I was in secondary school I avoided anything to do with fitness, I skived off and made excuses. My PE teacher told me that I'd regret it and I was like "yeah right!"... Now I'm 20 I've started to feel a little ashamed about how unfit I am so I've finally taken up the free gym membership I've had for months!

Of course, a few other things contributed to my sudden interest in the gym; lack of confidence, how unfit I am and losing my job. I guess it's just about time to kick my backside into gear. I'm hoping that this time I'm really going to stick to it and get fit, this isn't my first attempt.

My first step was probably buying some gym gear, I bought three new sports bras from Primark's fitness range. I think that as woman it's one of those things that can put people off going to the gym, I used to feel self conscious about my chest at the gym so feeling comfortable makes a big difference.

One of the staff members at the gym has put together a program for me to try out over the next six weeks so watch this space, yeah? It's inclusive of cardio, weights and tonal exercises so I should build up my overall fitness level.

As I mentioned before, Leanne has been taking me skating so that's another thing I've been doing for a bit of variety. She's been helping me on the ice with a few moves because I'm hopeless and she's trained.

We're planning on doing yoga on Sunday so I'll probably mention that next week too! Well, providing that we end up doing yoga because she's pretty busy with uni work.

I think that's enough about my fitness kick for the moment, I'll be giving you guys the odd update and I might even post my new fitness program at some point. Thanks for reading anyway, if you have any tips or ideas please leave them in the comments page!


  1. Good luck! I'm still looking for my motivation, as far as I'm concerned...

    Mika |

    1. I'm sure you'll find motivation eventually! It's taken me 20 years to even remotely fancy doing some exercise! x