Friday, 1 January 2016

I'm Free As A Bird!

Well, Blogmas is over! It's been gruelling at times but fun too, it's definitely kept me on my toes. It's a real struggle to post every single day and most bloggers will tell you that. Then again, it's given me the motivation to keep my blog updated all the way throughout the month. It just proves that if you are dedicated to something then it will happen, there's no excuse!

Saying that, my new years resolution to get fit and healthy probably won't be particularly prosperous for me because I've added that one to the list every year since I turned fifteen. 

Since Blogmas is finished I figured I'd list a few of my favourite posts from my project this year. I hope you guys agree because I have been quite proud of some of them this year.
  • Day five brought a Festive Lush Haul in which a reviewed a number of the Christmas edition bath bombs. You've gotta love a bit of Lush!
  • Day six showed you how my house was festively decorated, I really quite liked how it was decorated this year because it all seemed so coordinated and homely.
  • Day ten was all about Mane n Tail haircare as I was sent a few products after proclaiming my love for the brand over Twitter. Gosh, I love that stuff.
  • Day eleven was a guest post from Tamara Ali, it featured a DIY Christmas tree idea which turned out pretty damn good.
  • Day thirteen was my collaboration with Nouveau Lashes as part of their Lash Gang. I got individual lash extensions at a local salon as part of their #UltimateLashSelfie campaign.
  • Day twenty three recollected my first ever office work party which was a meal at Cena in Yarm with the Secret Santa as an extra feature for the post.
  • Day twenty eight is on this list because... Gingerbread, just gingerbread. My mum and dad got me a gingerbread house building kit for Christmas... Awesome.
  • Day thirty one is possibly my favourite post from Blogmas because it gave me a chance to reflect on the year and put together some goals.
Well, I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. Let me know which post you prefer in the comments, it would be much appreciated as I'd know hat sort of content to create in the future. 


  1. Anything about food is always a hit for me! Merry blogmas and a happy new year

    1. Ooh! Good idea! Everyone loves food. Merry Blogmas and a happy new year! X

  2. Blogging everyday is hard work but worth it. Have a good year.

    1. Aw! You too, have a good one! Happy new year! X