Wednesday, 13 January 2016

"I'm Super Unorganised... So How Do I Plan My Blog?"

Ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you how unorganised I've been over the years. My main saving grace is that if I set myself a goal I can get things done but it has to be self-motivated. If you don't want to do it then it's pointless, running a blog has to be something you enjoy.

I've recently set myself the goal of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the occasional Sunday piece. I think if there's a day to day plan to set posts for it's much easier as you can, or rather I can start thinking of themes and series. 

Once I get into the blogging mindset I can type up post after post after post and I don't even need to take a break really because I just love getting to be creative. Funnily enough, that's the driving force behind the fact that I'm about to start looking for freelance content creation work!

Well, now that the into is over and done with I should probably list off a few tips for running a blog for those of you who are either super busy or not at all organised.

  • Keep a planner or diary handy! It means you'll spot your planner in your bag and it'll remind you about the planning side of your blog, I tend to think of random ideas so I jot them down as and when I think of them. 
  • "Wait, Aymie... I have a phone, can't I just add it onto a memo or note page?" I prefer to write them down because it makes me think about what I'm writing and I get extra ideas as I'm scrawling it down... You can just put them in your phone though. "Short answer? Yes."
  • Find out when other bloggers in your niche are posting, it's best if you find a gap and post when people are online but when it's not an optimum time for it because any sharing messages may get lost in the masses!
  • Create a marketing strategy and put together sets of themed posts to keep in-line with the campaign, I find that it's a good form of motivation actually because I get so into what I'm writing it becomes easy to finish the series.
  • Mood boards and Pinterest are also great for planning as it means you won't fall behind with ideas, it's a good preventative measure against writers block! Aim to create a mood board or put together a board on Pinterest at least once a week to inspire throughout the theme of the week!

Speaking of themes, Friday's post will be about my latest attempt at regular exercise so that should be an interesting one. The next theme is 'Bettering Myself For 2016', this post is part of it as I plan to be on the ball for this blog.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it's helped you guys! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any of your tips... Please share!


  1. some great tips here, i really think every blogger needs a notepad/diary, it really makes a difference!


    1. I think it's just remembering to use it that's the issue! X

  2. You've got some great ideas! I'm terribly disorganised too. I bought a blog planner and I don't think I've touched it since about September. I'm terrible... Stephanie x

    1. I got mine for Christmas so I had that whole 'I really should use this gift' thing going on. X