Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Soap & Glory, The Whole She-Bang!

Hello everyone! As promised, today's post is about Soap & Glory's amazing Limited Edition set 'The Whole She-Bang!' since I couldn't help myself when I popped into Boots for my gran. I only went in for toothpaste and cough medicine but this was just cleverly placed near the till so I was swayed. I'm an impulse buyer more than anything.

The set includes quite a few items that I, personally, wanted to try and since it was £25 down from £60 it would have been stupid to ignore it really. It saves buying the items separately throughout the year anyway! 

The set comes with nine full size products and a gorgeous bag rather than a wasteful box, it's practical and it's a bargain! I don't tend to buy a lot of Soap & Glory products, not because I don't like them, just because they're more of a birthday/Christmas thing for me. I get a lot of them as gifts and then they just last me ages so I don't really have to re-buy that often. Anyway, I'll stop jabbering on and I'll just tell you all what you get when you buy 'The Whole She-Bang' set.


  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss
  • Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara
  • Peaches & Clean 4-in-1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk
  • Clean On Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel
  • The Righteous Butter
  • The Righteous Butter Instant Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion
  • The Scrub Of Your Life
  • Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream
  • Hand Food
Andddddd that's what's in 'The Whole She-Bang' set. Let me know which of their products you particularly want to try and which you're already in love with in the comments. Thank you so much for reading!


  1. ive only tried their body scrubs and love them! i need to try the rest of their products.

    1. This is perfect for you then became there's such a mix!

  2. I've never tried their products but I think their branding is superbly spot on! I did receive the shower gel but haven't had the chance to try it yet :(

    1. Give it a go, ASAP! I love the shower gel. 😊 x

  3. I am SO JEALOUS. I really wanted this but can't find them anywhere now. Although I probably have everything individually anyway. I love the cute bag it all comes in too. I think I'll have to look out for this years one!

    Ami xxx

    1. Yeah, keep an eye out for it! It's a shame you can't find it anywhere because the bag is a great size! Xxx

  4. Soap & Glory body products are just amazing

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem