Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Creepiest App Ever?!

Hey guys, today's post is a little weird but I know that a lot of you guys use photo editing apps for Instagram. I've recently been trying out YouCam, more specifically the Beautify feature.

Your skin looks a little oily? There's a feature for that. You have a blemish or two? There's a feature for that... Actually, there's quite a few features. The one that I want to talk about is their smile feature. If someone's being miserable or your smile looks small and awkward you can just turn up the smile feature and hey presto, you look like a creepy weirdo.

The image to the right is an example of me overusing the features a little, I overdid the skin perfecting thing and I pretty much got rid of my nose. Voldemort-esque or what? Of course I realised my mistake and tried to enhance my nose but I ended up making only one nostril stand out. Plain old weird.

I mean, I still used the image because my eyes looked cool but I certainly realised that I looked like a deranged person. I think that this app certainly takes a lot of trial and error, if not it's just a comedy app because I have laughed at every single one that I've edited. 

Believe it or not, this one is the most normal that I've managed to create with the app so far. It was for a makeup post I did for Halloween but it never made the final cut because I ended up redoing my makeup to make my skin look super white with face paint. 

I'm curious, anyway, are there any apps that any of you use to easily edit photos on your phone? If you have one that you swear by just please leave a comment because I'd love to check out some more apps. Well, thanks for reading this post. I hope you've enjoyed seeing my face all crazy and scary because I enjoyed the write-up for this one. 


  1. Replies
    1. I don't usually bother but I was looking for something to crop my images, haha! X

  2. My husband has an app on his phone, that when he takes pictures of me he can edit to give me huge eyes and a brilliant smile etc. It's as creepy as **** especially when he used it on our newest nephew! Babies don't look good with creepy smiles!

    1. I can imagine, haha! Have you ever seen those birthday cards with dogs and cats that are edited that way?