Friday, 19 February 2016

Don't Open, Dead Inside (The Walking Dead Nails)

The Walking Dead Nails
Hello everyone! As you can guess, today's post is about the themed nails I did for Leanne for Walker Stalker Con. I took inspiration from Copycat Claws who did a fantastic design in 2013, check it out here

I quite enjoyed creating this look because I got to try out some techniques that I don't get to use often. Each of the nails had bases, four on each hand had nude shades and two had a grey one. On top of each base was layered splodges of similar shades to create a less perfect finish. The theme is zombies not angels! For this I used makeup sponges, they don't have to be expensive but I wouldn't advise using dish sponges. 

The Walking Dead Nails
For the nails that didn't have writing on, bar the thumbnails, I used the YSL red nail polish that I've used for a few other looks. It was the best shade I could find to create blood drippings, I also aded the odd drip of a more brownish red to make the fake blood look less fresh.

It wasn't too stressful creating this look because it was okay to be messy, you don't have to be precise for anything but the writing which I used a nail art pen for. I had to redo 'The Walking Dead' quite a few times. Top tip: Don't make your friend laugh by putting on a comedy show whilst doing these, it's super frustrating! 

For the thumb nails I did two different designs, Ricks hat for the right and Daryl's angel wings for the left. I used white as part of these designs because the thumbnails were a little lighter and I preferred the wings in white. I think that I could get away with using white because I kept it consistent by using white on the hat too.

The final step was to add a matte top coat, as I said, with this design you really don't want to make the nails look too neat. These have driven me insane because I felt like they were too messy but I guess it all worked out for the best.

Well then, what do you guys think? I'd love to hear your opinion but I'd also love to know if any of you guys have tried out any TV show themed nails recently? Thanks for reading this post, it's much appreciated. I hope these have inspired some of you to get creative. 


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    1. Thanks, Jadirah! I'm pleased you like them! X

  2. OMG. I absolutely love these! I'm mad about The Walking Dead, and also attended Walker Stalker Con, though sadly not with these fab nails! I'm useless at nail art - I can barely paint them one colour haha. ;) xx

    Ashton | Beauty, Books and Babble

    1. I'm going next year and I can't wait, I'll be doing different nails for next year though! I just wish I could have been more precise. xx