Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites (Spring Has Sprung!)

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but since it's been a while... I actually have some new items and experiences to share with you. 

I've been such a lazy blogger as I've had time off to deal with early mornings and illness but I'm back now and I'm building up an unposted archive of content just awaiting pictures. I'm mentioning this because I've recently discovered that both my brother AND my sister have YouTube accounts. It was something that I said I would do but I haven't had the balls to do yet but hey... I've been quite happily watching theirs. (SamGT and Jessica Barton)

Moving swiftly onwards... As I mentioned a few posts ago, I went to see Deadpool in cinemas this month and it's fairly safe to say that it's going to be a favourite of mine. Though, Captain America: Civil War will take over it when that comes out in... May? My favourite Marvel films are Captain America and its sequel Captain America: Civil War. 

Sticking to audio and visual for my favourites, I want to talk about music next. In May I'm going to see Busted because I've always loved the band. I've been to see McBusted twice and now I'm getting the opportunity to see the full original line up of Busted. The Vamps will be the next concert I go to see, before Busted even. What can I say? Boybands are my guilty pleasure and as far as they go, The Vamps are a cool one. Live music is pretty much my favourite thing to listen to anyway whether it's actually at the venue or in grainy YouTube videos, it's just a much more raw and honest way of hearing the tracks.

The most listened to album on my phone right now is the Labyrinth Movie Soundtrack, Bowie may be gone but his music will stand the test of time. Dance Magic Dance!

I'm currently obsessed with bright colours and experimenting with makeup. I suppose I take inspiration from music videos, Pinterest and Tumblr. I used to practice blending and colour variations with neutral pinkish tones or bronze shades but it's much more fun to surprise myself with the combination and take it as it comes.

The next one I do will be on a more orange base as the past two I've put up on here have been in cool blues and greens. It's a good thing that my natural lashes are fairly long because I didn't feel like using false ones for the experimentation. 

You may recognise this photo from my Breville blender review, I adore their Blend Active as it's quiet, small and it doesn't take much to clean up after. This month I've been loving berry based smoothies and shakes but I've also experimented with chocolate protein recipes too. 

I'm going to especially love this blender when I go on a slight diet to counteract all of the fast food I've had recently. Exercise isn't the problem at all, it's nutrition and aftercare. I'm so lethargic at the moment it's unreal!

Well, I guess that sums up this month in favourites. I haven't really changed foundation or style so there isn't anything to share on that front. Watch out for next weeks posts for my adventures in London and Newcastle, hopefully I'll have time to post by then!


  1. I am a huge fan of Captain America too!! Deadpool was entertaining and I enjoyed it, but it was another origin story and they are only okay. Captain America Civil War looks awesome! I cannot wait for it to come out!!


  2. I have been ill too for a few days, good to see that you are feeling better. I like what you did with the blue makeup, it looks really cool!

    1. Aw! Thanks, hun. I hope you're feeling better too!