Thursday, 7 April 2016

Aymie In The Big City: London Adventure 2016 (Navigation)

Hello everyone! As promised, here's the first part of my London trip recount. This may take a few posts but I had a lot of fun and I have some new experiences to talk about so hopefully you'll enjoy it.

This part of my mini series is about my first time navigating through Camden without a guide, Leanne and I aren't the best at it but we managed... I guess. It took us about five minutes to find Camden and maybe a few to decide which direction to go when the road we were following turned into three. London is so confusing and I'm pleased we had enough common sense to bring our phone chargers because we needed to use Google Maps numerous times! 

We just needed to find the Electric Ballroom for Russell Howard's Stand Up Central, speaking of which, that will be the topic of one of my blog posts... Anyway, when we got there we saw that no one had turned up at the venue yet so we risked a perusal around Camden Market. It's one of the most bizarre places you'll probably find in the UK, it's just so varied in culture, style and the people you find there.  

If you follow down this little paths you'll be bombarded with different food scents. English, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese... It's just a mish mash of stalls, some were overwhelming and others made me feel super hungry. 

I don't think Leanne was all too pleased because she's more picky than I am but I get so fascinated by the contrast between each of the stalls. I was slightly upset that one of my favourites had disappeared due to renovation, I'm hoping that it'll return soon enough. It was a Hong Kong sort of Cantonese styled one... Go figure! 

We also checked out Cyberdog, it's like a shop turned rave or something. It's dark and it's full of flashy lights and neon colours, that's if you can focus on anything with the super loud music blasting. Two dancers were up on high platforms as part of the look of the shop, I don't have and photos of the inside because they don't like people taking them. 

On the lower floor we discovered an adult section which we both dashed out of when we realised what was occupying the space. Of course we would wander into the weird bit of the shop. It wouldn't have been as bad if we had realised before we went downstairs but because we're both awkward... The shop itself was an experience anyway, it's one of those places you wouldn't know about unless you accidently stumbled upon it.

It's difficult to visit Camden and not appreciate artwork, I spotted plenty of art stalls but since I wasn't allowed to take photos of that I'll share some of the spectacular wall art. It's such a vibrant place anyway but just about everything is painted or coloured. 

This owl piece was particularly prominent because of the bold dark colouring, the shop underneath was fairly bland so it drew my attention more so. It's easy to be drawn to something when it's amongst plain places and things and this is certainly one of those things, I'm no art critic but I do recognise art when I see it.

I also quite like this piece, we found this on our way from the train station so it's not quite Camden but I quite like the geometric design and the black and white figure in contrast with itself as one piece. It's very different to the owls in many ways, I think that the owls have a more edgy look to them if that makes sense. 

It's a wonder that I managed to help navigate because my attention is easily swayed and I had a lot to be swayed towards. Either way, we both made it to the venue all safe and in one piece. I think that's fairly good considering Leanne is bad with maps and I don't concentrate on anything. 

Well, to finish off I'm going to leave you guys a close up picture of the elephant design on the top of Namaste. The design is beautiful, I'm already a little fixated with elephants but the general patterns used to create the look are a really nice touch.

We didn't go in but it's one of my favourites as most of their products are handmade and it's in a fairly hippy style. If you read any of my Hong Kong travel posts last year you probably will have already picked up on the sort of thing I like. I bought about six different elephant print bottoms.

That's it for this post, there will be another one up soon to tell you about the cafe we popped into for a bite to eat. Let me know if you know any more about the art work around London, I'd love to learn about it. Until then, bye!


  1. Cool pics! I'm off to Camden in a few weeks and I'll definitely keep an eye out for the street art!

    1. You don't really need to, it's everywhere!

      Thanks for reading! xx

  2. I live in London and Camden isn't my favourite part of town but I do enjoy going there once every couple of years. I used to love going to InSpiral vegan cafe when it was on the lock bridge but I think its gone now. Thanks for the lovely description. Sounds like you had so much fun!

    1. I just think it's a good atmosphere, then again, I'm really not a country girl and I live in a small town surrounded by fields so I really love Camden.

      InSpiral sounds familiar...