Saturday, 9 April 2016

Aymie In The Big City: London Adventure 2016 (Stand Up Central)

Hey everyone! Right off the bat I want to apologise for the lack of quality in today's blog pics, the room was dark and we're not great at photography. This is the third and final post about my London trip so I hope you've enjoyed reading about it.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I want to share my first ever experience with stand up comedy so today I'm going to be talking about that. The whole reason I went to London was to see Russell Howard's Stand Up Central as he's one of my favourite comedians. I was shocked to see that the tickets were free so I took advantage of that and harassed Leanne into booking them with me. 

After our aimless wandering we discovered that quite a long line had already formed so we quickly joined it, though, I left Leanne to buy hair bands... Anyway, an employee at the venue (The Electric Ballroom) came to check our tickets and give us numbers, we were worried that wouldn't get in because the numbers were limited. Only about four people behind us got numbers before the STANDBY stickers started being given out so we were super lucky.

We got the perfect seats; by the camera so we wouldn't be picked up on TV. I will say though, I reckon my laugh and high pitched noise will have been picked up at times. The seats would have been better if the people behind us weren't screechy and annoying but, hey, free tickets!

Ray Peacock was the comedian that went on first as the one to warm up the crowd, I'd already seen him on Russell Howard's Good News and found him funny so I was fairly pleased by that. He definitely got us hyped up for the show, I also like that he returned during sort breaks to keep us amused. 

I don't know how much I can say about the jokes because it will all be televised soon enough but I will say that Russell was on top form. You don't even realise how many jokes and conversations go on around the show that don't get televised, it's all quite strange to be honest. Of course, there was other comedians on and they were all pretty great but to be honest... Ray and Russell were the highlights for me and Ray won't even be on TV for the shows.

As a bonus for you guys, I'm going to add in the story of how we got back to the North East and how we missed our train...

So when the filming starts it gets difficult to leave because of filming and the ticket we booked home was for 10pm as it was the last train to Durham for the rest of the night. We didn't want to miss the rest of the show and we didn't want to ask the floor manager to leave so we knew we were cutting it fine but we hurried onto the tube and ran for the train but... The train was already gone and we got stranded.

I fell to pieces to be honest, I panicked and cried... Leanne on the other hand was calm and booked us tickets to Leeds and arranged for someone to pick us up and take us to hers. We didn't get home until about 5am but we survived and slept until lunchtime. 

Conclusion? I loved seeing live stand up but me and Leanne are total idiots, more so me than her but it takes two to miss the same train! Anyway, thanks for reading! If you want to read the other two posts just click on the links below: 

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