Sunday, 3 April 2016

#NOTD - Purple Rain

Hello everyone! So today's post is a fairly mild one in terms of nail design, it's not funky or themed... It was more of a go with the flow thing to be honest. I'm pleased that I got to do Leanne's nails again because I haven't done a nail post for a while and they're my favourite ones to do.

After scrolling through Instagram I chose a purple and silver colour scheme because Leanne loves purple and I'm quite partial to painting a feature nail. I just saw the two colours together and really liked them so that's what lead to my choice, I wasn't particularly in the mood to paint bright pastel nails to go with the general Spring theme everyone is so keen on right now.

For the purple nails I used Purple Pizzazz from New York Colour, though, I wasn't overly impressed with the consistency or the size of the brush. 

For the feature nail I used two different polishes because I knew that the silver I wanted to use wouldn't be a total block colour. I used a plain white Lipsy polish for the base colour as it was the most neutral one that Leanne had in her collection. As for the silver polish, it was one of those small polishes that went in a tri-pack that we couldn't quite place. You could, of course, use any old silver but I wanted something glittery and thick.

The nails looked pretty good without the extra detail on the feature nail, The purple and the silver looked great together as the glitter in both polishes really complimented each other. I think that's because of the way both polishes have the fine glitter effect rather than chunky or less subtle effects. 

I've done similar looks with different colour combinations in the past but I've tended to stick to one non glittery base and a sparkly feature so to have this dual glitter combination is a little different for me. I just couldn't help but add a little something extra to the look because it was already so glittery and pretty. 

This leads me to the next topic of this post, the cluster of gems on the feature nails. It was made of four purple petal shaped gems and two circular clear gems because I felt like the look wasn't enough with just the purple ones.

For a plain look, I quite like this one. As I mentioned before, I usually go for something a little more complex or themed so this is definitely a change of pace. I may attempt different plain looks fairly soon but I reckon that the next one will be floral to go alongside the Spring them that is very prominent right now.

Well, that's the look in a nutshell. What do you guys think? I'm quite keen on this look but I'd love to hear any thoughts you have or even any suggestions for the next look... Until next time, bye!


  1. Gems never stay on the nail for me but they are sooo good for decorating plain polish.

    1. If I want to make a look with gems last longer I would use a top coat but I tend to do looks like this one in more of a short term capacity.

  2. Love the nails! Not a gem kinda girl but they look lovely :)

    1. Cheers, Kristina! Each to their own I guess, I don't use gems honest to be honest. I'm more of a manual work kind of girl so they're impractical for me. :)

  3. Replies
    1. They're pretty funky! I'm pleased you like 'em! x