Friday, 27 May 2016

Busted PIGS CAN FLY Tour Newcastle (Plus Wheatus!)

So I've been to see quite a few bands live so far this year, one that I actually planned to see and didn't buy the tickets as impulse was Busted. Since Charlie Simpson decided to rejoin the band I figured that I really should go and see them to relive some more of my childhood. 

I went with my best friend and my brother as we all love the band, though, they hadn't really met properly so I was slightly worried. Nevermind that, they ended up bullying me together all the same to be honest. I really shouldn't have worried about it at all. 

Emma Blackery and Wheatus were the support acts, Emma was good, I'm not going to lie. Though, Wheatus was AMAZING! Teenage Dirtbag is epic live and Lemonade has grown on me, it's been stuck in my head since the concert. 

The build up for the actual concert really worked me up so I was very ready for the start, I think Sam and Leanne were pretty amused by my singing and dancing. Yet another instance where I made everyone look like fools. I guess if you're having fun you should throw caution to the wind and keep going. 

I think it's slightly strange how much all three of us look related in this picture despite the fact that we're not in the slightest bit related to Leanne but hey... 

Anyway, I had been slightly dubious about Charlie's reintroduction to the band as his work over the last few years has been slightly too depressive and indie for me. Thankfully I was wrong and Busted still felt like Busted, no big productions or dance numbers were needed, it was all about the music and reminiscing about old favourites. Speaking of favourites...

When they switched to B Stage for a few songs they performed my favourite song of theirs, Who's David? I moved over a little bit so I could see a little better but it was great to see the song performed by the original line-up. 

They played the old favourites, some of their more obscure ones and some new ones. They had a nice little mix going on, to be honest. I was happy with their choices and it was an amazing night out, I love to hang out with my brother on nights like that one and having my best friend there just made it what it was. It makes my happy just thinking about it.

I mean, look how close they were! At one point James even pointed at me, I swear. It sounds pretty gross but we could see their sweat stains from where we were, just sayin'! So yeah, the PIGS CAN FLY Tour was the best thing since sliced bread and I plan on going to their next one providing it happens. 

Now is about the time I start apologising profusely for my absent blogging style as of late... Yeah, I've had a few night shifts and few long days. I'll try to be better at updating but really I can't promise anything because all I do is work and sleep. Well, thanks for reading!