Monday, 9 May 2016

Disney Themed Baking (Recipe From Bero)

So what do 20 year old's do when they've borrowed their dad's caravan for the weekend? Drink copious amounts of alcohol? Have a mini party? Nah, not this one. I baked Disney themed cupcakes with my best friend. I will say now that if it was left to me the cakes would have been flat and they would have tasted like acetone but maybe one day I won't be crap at baking.

I prefer sponge to chocolate as chocolate can be a little sickly if you mess up the consistency. We used the Bero recipe for Victoria Sandwich and divided the mixture into three batches. We also used pre-made icing and added the colouring for effect. 

The ingredients used for one batch of six:
  • 100g margarine
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g self raising flour

Start off by pre-heating the oven at 180 degrees and then put the sugar and the margarine together in a mixing bowl and mix until "light and fluffy" before also beating in the eggs ONE AT A TIME. I was told off for adding them both at the same time but, hey, I'm not the best at baking.

As you do this just add a little flour with each egg and then fold in the remaining flour. Not too difficult as far as mix goes and all you need to do from there is put the mixture into the cases and then plop them into the tin. These go in the oven for about 25 minutes but you should keep an eye on them anyway. 

The cakes came out looking like store bought cakes and being fair, we did follow the instructions down to the letter. We ate two from this batch "just to check that I hadn't been a bad influence" and we ended up flattening out the rest so that the icing would flat our right and be easy to decorate.

It takes a few minutes to kneed in the colour and get the icing a bit more pliable and ready to be cut out for the cupcakes. We chose the colours based on the Disney princesses that we chose beforehand, my favourite being Ariel. The sole reason I want long flowing mermaid hair.

They looked fairly even and consistent in shape, we cut out a cardboard stencil for the icing using packaging for something. There's some of that blogging glamour right there! 

We had flour all over the benches to stop things from sticking and ruining how neat and well put together things seemed to be. Not exactly how my previous baking endeavours have really gone... 

Anyway, from there I crafted a mermaid tail and other little themed pieces for the tops of the cupcakes. One cupcake of each set had lyrics on and the other had a glittery themed image based on the movies. 

I enjoyed making these cupcakes as we listened to Disney songs, I think it kind of helps to keep some things from your childhood as an adult because sometimes life gets a little heavy. That's just how things are and I think that whilst I'm responsible, I do do enjoy being a little immature. 

So come on, my favourite Disney film is The Little Mermaid. What's yours? We all have one movie that we particularly loved as kids, let me know in the comments. Well, thanks for reading today's post. It's good to be back and blogging again. 


  1. These are so cute! My neices would love me if I baked them these!

    Hayley-Eszti |

    1. Go for it! Family brownie points are always good! Xx

  2. Look great and sounds like you had lots of fun making them!

    1. I did, thanks! Gotta love cake, haha! Xx

  3. These are so cute! I especially love the mermaid tail cupcake. You can't beat Disney :)!

    1. Aw! Thanks, Jess. I have to agree with you there! Disney FTW!

  4. I'm a huge Disney fan so it's hard to choose just one favourite, but if pushed i'd say Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I bet you and your friend had a great time making the cakes and singing along to the songs, think i'll try it myself next time the Grandkids are over :)

    1. Classy choice! Gotta love Snow White, I haven't seen that film in ages! I'm sure that your grandkids will love this, if they don't then at least you will enjoy yourself! Xx