Friday, 26 August 2016

Moving Out

After months of half preparation I've finally made the big step and moved out of my parents house. Last night was my first night in the new place with my best friend and it was strange to say the least. 

I had my little sister stay over to ease the transition a little bit so I probably won't feel it until she leaves but at the moment I'm not having any issues.

It's honestly quite nice to have my own space to decorate as I please and do whatever I want with. Fortunately my housemate and I have similar tastes, our bedrooms are pretty much the same but opposites really and the rest of the house seems as though our bedrooms have bled through to the other rooms. 

Having space to set up my own features is really nice and it means that I have some where to chill out and feel comfortable. Blogging feels much easier to get on with when you're comfortable with your surroundings. I haven't ever been one to frame photos and make features out of them but I love my little arrangements.

Really I have my dad and my landlords to thank for all this as they have all put in so much effort towards setting this up. My dad has helped me whenever he has had time and I really appreciate the fact that he's taken time out of his days after long shifts to help out. 

Last night was spent using Disney references and causing Jessica to facepalm, she didn't quite inherit my love for Disney. She did, however, inherit my love for Harry Potter so I guess I can forgive her. She's claimed my nightshirt that I bought from Primark so at least I don't have to worry about her forgetting her pyjamas!

Well, that's it for today's life update. Up next is my review on a carbonated charcoal face mask for those of you interested in skincare and finding new brands to follow! Thanks for reading, let me know if any of you have any tips for me!

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