Monday, 1 August 2016

The Oriental Museum And The Awkward Poses

I promised awkward poses so to kick off the post I'm including a picture of my 'I totally fit in with this display' pose. So once we visited the Botanical Gardens, our little gang packed up and went to the Oriental Museum as it wasn't too far away. 

Educational and good babysitting from me and my friends, my sister leaned quite a bit from the day out. See! We're good influences, I swear! Anyway, this was another place that had a low cost admission fee and as I said, it wasn't far from our last activity so we didn't have to travel too much.

We saw exhibits about quite a few different cultures, I think that sometimes it easy to forget that China isn't the only country that falls into the oriental category. It was interesting to see both the similarities and differences between the people the exhibits were based on.

The exhibits had artefacts, trivia, costumes and more to give the public a better insight into the themes and topics of the displays. Us crazy kids, learning and stuff instead of drinking and being idiots... We all enjoy this kind of thing so it's easy for us to decided on places to go when we catch up.

I'm not too old to get stuck into the costumes left out for kids to try on... Right? Either way, I don't care because I had fun. Unfortunately most of the pictures are quite low in quality as we weren't allowed flash photography within the museum but I do still look at the photos and laugh at my awkward poses.

So that was the second half of our day, perhaps you lot should pay Durham a visit in the near visit. There's lots to do and it can all be done on a low budget if that's what you require. Thanks for reading this post, I've enjoyed blogging this morning!

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