Thursday, 1 September 2016

Recipe: Raspberry And Coconut Breakfast Smoothie/Shake

This afternoons post is a little inspiration for breakfast, who needs Pinterest eh? I figured that it would be best to post this for anyone who wants to try it so the ingredients can be bought the night prior to the actual making of it.  I made this smoothie, in all honesty, to use up the raspberries but it turned out quite nice so if you like raspberries it may be worth a taste!

I hope to share a few more ideas over the next few months now that I have to fend for myself in the kitchen. I enjoyed post recipes when I first got my blender months ago so let me know if this is the sort of post you want to see from me from time to time.

Anyway, let's get on with the actual post!

  • Half a cup full of natural low fat coconut yogurt
  • Half a cup full of porridge oats
  • A full container of raspberries
  • Strawberries to garnish (optional)

The recipe is simple enough and you can prepare it before you go to bed and blend before you go go. I think the oats give it a nice thick texture and make the smoothie more filling. 

You could always add any supplements or vitamins that you need to take so the taste can be masked. Just add them to the mix before you blend. I recently saw Jim Chapman's vlog where he added flaxseed oil in the actual oil form to his protein shake so this would be perfect for that reason. I am, however, yet to try flaxseed oil so perhaps I should give some of that a try in the near future.

As you can see, this is actually quite a thick mixture. I don't know whether to call this a smoothie or a shake, is it more a smoothie if you you juice? I don't even know. 

I used strawberries to garnish but, as I said earlier, those are optional. I just wanted to make it look pretty and I had strawberries to use up as well. So that's my recipe post for today, I'd love to know what you think so if you fancy it or try it, let me know your opinion in the comments below! Thanks for reading, I always appreciate every single reader so say hi, I don't bite!

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